Government Senior Secondary School, Rangpo, East Sikkim.

This is my life story of how I overcome my addiction of cigarettes, pan masala and tobacco. I tried much to get out of this addiction cage, but it all failed, I took the help of media like You Tube to watch the harmful effect of substances, though it gave me some chills while watching but it all fades away when I stop watching it when I am with my friends. 

One day, our school SAATHI teacher coordinator, Rohit Sir took some of us to for counseling and after speaking to us he showed us a video about the disadvantages of smoking cigarettes. It made me aware that smoking damages our lungs and it reduces our life span, I went home gave a thought about the video he showed how a damaged lung looks like while smoking cigarettes. Thinking about it deeply, It took a huge effect on me and suddenly decided to stop smoking, then slowly I left it, in-fact I didn’t even like the smell of the smoke anymore after that. 

As I left smoking I developed the habit of chewing pan masala, felt like it was much better than cigarettes, I consumed it for two months’ and it taught me a good lesson, one night I had a bad tooth ache which was unbearable and made me visit a dentist who prescribed me some medicine, now that I know the pain of toothache so I gave up pan-masala. 

Then I choose tobacco, which became my new favorite I took it after 2 weeks break from pan masala, I started stuffing it between my lips and teeth, this too taught me a remarkable lesson where the flesh of my mouth got affected and blood was oozing out. But the real lesson came once when I was caught with a packet of tobacco inside the class by sir, I was embarrassed, this incident made me to realize that I’ve been enough in this addictive and it was high time for me to back out.

SAATHI was not new for me, I had friends who were peer educators of SAATHI, they use to tell me that I am suffering and I can be cured, but I never took it seriously, they use to ask me to stop my bad habits before it becomes my addiction, it gets in one ear and goes off from another. But after going through the health complication caused by drugs I realized that they were right all the time.

I realized that I will change and took the decision to join SAATHI Sikkim and remain clean from substance addiction, also to move forward to lend my helping hand to fight against addiction in our society and move further to state and country in the days to come.  Today I’ve got my freedom from addiction and helping my friend to overcome the addiction that I was in before. SAATHI has changed my life and I want to be a reason of change in someone’s life too.

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