Melli Government Secondary School, South Sikkim.

A studious student of the Melli Government Secondary School who has an excellent history of both in academics and extra curricula activities, was caught taking cigarettes, marijuana and alcohol in the education premises several times as he was in class 11, it was found out later that his fall in the bad company and it was peer pressure that drags him to such an addiction to the substances. 

His friends filled curiosity in his head to try the substance and that one trial and a little puff sometimes with his friends lead to his addiction. His overall performances in the education failed low as he started to miss classes and study was not even an option for him, all he could think was to satisfy himself and how to get substance. The outcome was that he had to repeat 11th standard. Little did he know all this addiction and peer influence would affect his education and family immensely?

He was taken care by a single mother who worked hard every single day to fulfill his requirement, she was working hard to make him study and on the other hand, he was suspended from the school for a week for his habit of drinking and smoking in school premises. As soon as he returned to school after the suspension period served, he was provided with one on one counseling by SAATHI teacher coordinator, and then he was entrusted with works so that he could get busy with those works which will help him stay away from substances and the bad company. After several counseling he came to the realization and now he is no more, into substances or any kind of addiction, doing very well in his academics stood first in standard 11 and now he is perusing class 12.

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