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SAATHI is a school based Peer Education Model to prevent drug use disorders. The project was launched on the 26th of May, 2013. SAATHI was initially piloted in two government schools in Sikkim: Deorali Girl’s Senior Secondary and Tadong Senior Secondary School, to measure the effectiveness of the program. Afterward, it was upscaled to 30 schools in the year 2016-2017, and covered 100 schools by 2019.  Now, we are in SAATHI 2.0.

SAATHI was conceived on the premise that “There are no teachers, there are only learners” and therefore the system of ‘Peer Education’ was introduced. The aim of the project is to curb the issue of substance abuse and to aware students, parents, and school administration about the health and socio-economic implications of it. SAATHI empowers and enables the youth of Sikkim, through quality holistic education, to realize their full potential and understand their roles and responsibilities in making a meaningful contribution to the development of a prosperous and happy Sikkim.

Saathi Sikkim
Saathi Sikkim

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What We Do


— School based peer education:

This is the first intervention of the project wherein the SAATHI staff reaches out to Government Schools in Sikkim.


— Teachers training and support

This step in the project involved a one day intensive training conducted with 5 teachers from each school.


— Counsellor and volunteer training

This steps in the process are about involving certified counselor in the project who could provide assistance and help in cases of reported substance abuse cases


— Student offsite training camp

These steps in the project involve 4 days residential camp with 30 students from 1 selected school.


— Door to Door Campaign

The fifth step in the project design is with the parents of students studying in the schools of Sikkim.


— Community outreach

Through this process, SAATHI aims to reach out to communities in Sikkim to spread awareness and sensitize the public at large about substance abuse ill effects


— Monthly Counselling

Counselling at schools for students by medical professionals.

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Impact Stories

Singtam Senior Secondary School, East Sikkim.

I am Tom, a student from the Singtam Senior Secondary School, Sikkim. In class seven, I had a cousin who was into substance addiction. I was introduced to substance by him, we use to smoke cigarette and one day he gave me marijuana to smoke after trying it, I felt like trying again so whenever we meet we smoked weed.

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Biraspati Parsai Senior Secondary School, East Sikkim.

I am a student from the Biraspati Parsai Senior Secondary School; I’m in class 12 now. I was under substance addiction from class 7 to class 9. Here is my story of how I got into addiction and how I came out of it, it was through my friends I got introduced to the substance it was cigarette at the beginning.

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