Student offsite training camp is a 4 day residential camp with a batch of 30 students from each selected school. A total of 120 students from 4 schools are taken to the IHCAE institute for a 4 day learning based interactive camp.  Further, once the students are in the camp  at the IHCAE, various learning based interactive sessions are done over a period of 4 days to bolster those social issues and outcomes that are most likely to strengthen and enhance youth resilience to drug abuse. The identified learning objectives through this off-site training for peer educators are:

  • The importance of self-esteem, positive self concept and identity.
  • Ways to share and care for family and friends.
  • A support system consisting of people who can help them as and when needed.
  • School and society rules and laws relating to legal and illegal drugs and also the consequences of unlawful and unsanctioned drug abuse.
  • Enhances understanding on consequences of smoking and alcohol.  
  • Contribution of drugs to lifestyle diseases and associated social, emotional ,legal and economic costs.
  • Enhanced knowledge about how drugs can alter the behavioral and emotional patterns of an individuals.
  • Experiential learning.
  • Structured learning experiences​.